Quests for Quests, aka more Demo Models

It is a well known fact that we need more demo models. Most people learn from playing with the demos, and often forking them to make their models.

I wrote a set of basic demos during the closed beta about a year ago. These were rough cuts but they ran and people used them to bootstrap their understanding of how to build cadCAD models. Earlier this year I built a quest for learning how to make models in cadCAD.

The feedback I got is that this quest was HARD, way harder than I estimated it to be. Sorry I am biased, I’ve been doing this kind modeling for 2 decades. I have zero perspective, but thankfully there is a new generation of awesome systems engineers (in cryptoeconomic systems they go by Token Engineers) who are rising to the challenge. They are designing systems, modeling those designs, doing design validation using simulation, and using the same models to analyze system data (from test nets and live nets).

Sadly some of old models don’t run anymore. They were build in previous versions of cadCAD and the API has changed. Going forward we’re trying to keep things as backward compatible as possible but that was not always possible. Also, new standards and best practices for code structure, and modeling technique have emerged in the context of applying cadCAD modeling in real projects. So the current quest backlog I have is the following:

  • Marketing Funnel (traditional marketing, sales, retention over products and segments)
  • Three Sided Market (aka DAOs fulfilling the role of operating platform products)
  • Verifiers Dilemma (staking and slashing models common in crypto models)

I view working on these models to be exceptional learning experiences so rather than reworking the models myself, we’re offering Gitcoin bounties. These bounties will be between 100 and 500 DAI each but there is still a problem writing acceptance criteria suitable for Gitcoin bounties is still a lot of work. So I am tasked with first writing “Quests” (very detailed documents outlining how this work should look).

I’ve been working on the Marketing funnel one in my spare time (haha spare time). While i haven’t produced it yet, I did produce an outline of what a good ‘Quest’ (or bouty-able) issue looks like. So my goal in starting this thread is to offer the outline of a good CadCAD Quest and point to a few projects that are already stated if anyone wants to go on their own Quest.

Note this is an experiment. If we are able to create high quality CadCad Quests we can give them a bounty in the BlockScience GitHub CadCAD project.

Thanks to @burrrata and @lkngtn for pushing on this subject in 1Hive chat :honeybee:. Furthermore, contributions to this discourse form, as well as the cadCAD github repos are indexed in the Token Engineering Community AraCred instance. Further discussions (also indexed by Aracred) are live on the Token Engineering Discord.

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In response to a request from @burrrata, I made the above post a wiki. Hopefully it become clearer and more useful overtime. :slight_smile: