Potentially useful examples / case-studies

Starting this topic as a place to put hopefully interesting/useful data. Eg. people investing time/money in interesting or unexpected ways.

Game: “Death Stranding”
I think this is/becoming popular, and it has a unique dynamic that could make for an interesting case study. If not directly for cadCAD, perhaps project like Common’s Stack, or towards issue based democracy.
Basically a persona/(agent-type?) where people are not acting purely for their direct (in-game) interests.

“This genre is defined by its social strand system, wherein actions taken by players in one game can impact the world of another Death Stranding player”
“To that end, if a player builds a structure … like a generator, that generator will appear in other players’ worlds for them to use. Players can vote for structures that they like the most with “likes,” which in turn help out the person who created the structure in the first place.” - source