Novel UI Front-end for a cadCAD Model: The Commons Simulator Game

Hey cadCAD community!

Just wanted to post about the Commons Simulator, a community project carried out by the decentralized Dev team over at the Commons Stack over the past year. You can read more about it in the blog post here:

But for a quick TL;DR, keep reading!

The Commons Simulator serves several purposes:

  1. To introduce the audience to the importance of the commons and the inspiring RadicalxChange movement in bringing about more equitable futures.
  2. To demonstrate how to parameterize and model a Cyber-Physical Commons in an entertaining and gamified medium, using art and storytelling.
  3. An experiment in front-end UI to simplify & contextualize simulation results from cadCAD.
  4. To continue to build tools for a future of governance that will be computer-aided. Data-driven decision making models should be Open Source, transparent, and easy to understand.

Join the visionary geeks and go try it out!

Check out the simulator here, and see if you can top @GriffGreen’s high score!

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