Modelling Market Actors

Hey all, new to cadcad but got the basic setup working and I am now wondering how I could model my projects best.

One thing I would like to model is how the smart contract system is affected and affect the market price of a token.

On the latter, do you usually model sale and purchase pressure ? Or simply inject a market price function as input?

One aspect of my system is the inflation that affect only a portion of the token holders. These will then put a down pressure on the token price.

Is there good simple examples where I could get inspired on these questions?

Like how do you normally model market actors ?

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I worked on an ABM model for a paper where we extended the Lux & Marchesi (2000) model to simulate market volatility based on dynamic agents. Here’s a link to the original paper: VOLATILITY CLUSTERING IN FINANCIAL MARKETS: A MICROSIMULATION OF INTERACTING AGENTS.

Here’s the repo containing our paper (currently in peer review for journal submission) and all the code to reproduce the model.

I would be very interested in refactoring this work to use cadCAD. Anybody interested?


I have experience with cadcad and your use case seems a like an interesting problem to model with it. We should connect to discuss.

new to cadcad. also looking for ways to model market actors.

Here is my rather naive opinion regarding selling and buying pressure. Basically, selling/buying pressure comes into existence when there is a new source of supply/demand breaking the existing supply-demand equilibrium.

So in the uniswap model: k = x * y, this new demand/supply will change the amount of x & y, thus creating a change in the price.

Please let me know what you think.

We are in the same boat I will share progress