'LEDDA' Economy Agent Based Modelling

I recently came across some economic modeling & simulations carried out by John Boik at the Principled Societies project, who proposes the LEDDA (local economic direct democracy association) framework and uses agent based modeling to determine potential future outcomes of local currencies with community based governance. Interesting stuff, and while it’s not based in cadCAD, Boik is a data scientist aiming to bring the importance of this kind of modelling to the academic world.

I thought there may be some interest in the overlap between this and the Red Cross / Grassroots Economics Community Inclusion Currency modeling going on over at Bonding Curves to Fight Poverty! We definitely need all the data scientists and academics we can get on these important modelling use cases.

An article framing the concept:


RAMICS paper:

Boik’s papers, recently submitted to Frontiers Journal: