I'm looking for how to start cadCAD?

I am getting extremely frustrated.
I tried to sign up for the block science course. I completed the form and it wouldn’t let me sign in, so I tried to complete the form again, and it kept telling me I hadn’t checked one of the buttons for what my role is, but I had.
I tried clicking other buttons, but none of them worked either.

I’m watching the Robots and Marbles, but I don’t need “the basics of how to run cadCAD” if I can’t figure out how to launch it.

Please help.


Hey @metaverde, it sounds like you are referring to the course created by cadCAD Edu. The one at cadcad.education, correct?

I passed notification of your issue on to the cadCAD Edu team so they can address the login issue with you.

As for the robot & marbles tutorial, I would say first take the cadCAD Edu course and go through the install process, then take the tutorials after that intro.

If you need any further onboarding help, there are some folks at the TEC Labs on Fridays who do great cadCAD installation lessons too.

Hope that helps a bit - there is also a few people usually hanging around the cadCAD discord who are happy to chat through any issues.

Happy holidays!


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Thank you!
I appreciate that.
It did seem to install.

I’m hoping to find some docs?

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I’m in the bootcamp…
Thank you!