Ep_decorator() missing 5 required positional arguments


I am trying to run this code: https://github.com/zixuanzh/ans. The code is a little outdated. (append_configs() is called as a function instead of as a method of the Experiment class)

One of the functions calls the ep_decorator(f, es) function on line 103 in configuration.util._init_. I get the following error while running the code:

TypeError: ep_decorator() missing 5 required positional arguments: ‘var_dict’, ‘sub_step’, ‘sL’, ‘s’, and ‘_input’

However, it looks like all the versions of the code have called the ep_decorator function with two arguments. Am I missing something?

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That model is calling the ep_time_step function in economy_config.py which is then input as a raw_exogenous_state.
This model does not actually rely on the raw_exogenous_state at all, so removing it will not change the model.
I updated the ‘validation’ model but not the ‘BTC’ here to run in cadCAD 0.4.22: https://github.com/BlockScience/ans
(Also taking care of an outdated pandas function as well)
Happy modelling!

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I just worked around by installing an older version of cadCAD. :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply though!

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