Ep_decorator() missing 5 required positional arguments


I am trying to run this code: https://github.com/zixuanzh/ans. The code is a little outdated. (append_configs() is called as a function instead of as a method of the Experiment class)

One of the functions calls the ep_decorator(f, es) function on line 103 in configuration.util._init_. I get the following error while running the code:

TypeError: ep_decorator() missing 5 required positional arguments: ‘var_dict’, ‘sub_step’, ‘sL’, ‘s’, and ‘_input’

However, it looks like all the versions of the code have called the ep_decorator function with two arguments. Am I missing something?

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That model is calling the ep_time_step function in economy_config.py which is then input as a raw_exogenous_state.
This model does not actually rely on the raw_exogenous_state at all, so removing it will not change the model.
I updated the ‘validation’ model but not the ‘BTC’ here to run in cadCAD 0.4.22: https://github.com/BlockScience/ans
(Also taking care of an outdated pandas function as well)
Happy modelling!

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I just worked around by installing an older version of cadCAD. :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply though!



I know it’s already been four years but I’ve encountered the same question. How did you take care of the outdated pandas function? I kept on getting the “too many values to unpack” error although I’ve already fixed the pandas problem in both the ANS Paper BTC and ANS Paper Smooth files.

Thanks so much,