COVID-19 SEIR Model Simulation

This is an interactive simulation modeling of COVID-19 SEIR model using cadCAD and displayed using Streamlit, you can play with it on We foresee it further becoming a demo on community and improving the simulation complexity (adding time-dependent R0, importing real data, and adding stochasticity to the model). The repository can be found on


Great to see the visual display with Streamlit! :raised_hands:

If you are open to a bit of feedback (I am also looking for feedback on the models I am working to explain as well!):

  • As someone only vaguely familiar with infection models, a bit more context around the SEIRD model would be very helpful for some context

  • In your parameter definition section, naming each parameter would be helpful to keep things in context. e.g. “Reproduction rate (Beta): expected amount of people an infected person infects per day”

  • It seems some of your LaTeX is not rendering in some of the parameter definitions.

Just a couple quick thoughts - great work, glad to see cadCAD put to use for modeling non-crypto scenarios as well!


Thank you for the feedback. It is great to have feedback from the community. We hope to keep increasing the complexity and usefulness of this model, so the community’s feedback is essential!