Conviction Voting cadCAD model: Aragon & 1Hive

:fire: :fire: An exciting new cadCAD model release! :fire: :fire:

This model of Conviction Voting is a digital twin that can be used to test & validate the safety of this new on-chain governance tool in managing communal funds. Check it out for all the details:

The model was built as a collaboration between BlockScience, 1Hive, Aragon & the Commons Stack, and can be upgraded to include additional considerations such as a bonding curve, a uniswap instance, or other improvements to increase functionality piece by piece.

This model can be demonstrative for multiple audiences:

  • For builders: if you are looking to build a DAO and use Conviction Voting, this model is a must read
  • For system modelers & cadCAD designers: this model serves as a good starting point to learn cadCAD best practice & model structure
  • For governance enthusiasts: this model forms the foundation for a wide-open design space for novel, real-time governance techniques

Aragon recently launched a Conviction Funding pilot to test out the new CV functionality, which you can read more about here:

Continued model development:

Stay tuned for more updates on this model, including a video walk through coming out next week! :movie_camera: :star_struck:


Here is a video walk-through of the Conviction Voting cadCAD model for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the importance of digital twins in designing & understanding complex adaptive systems:

Also, for anyone who wants to contribute high leverage support for continued work on this model, our gitcoin grant is live and quadratically matched (so even a $5 contribution can be matched with $100+!):

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Here’s a tweet thread on the CV cadCAD model, for anyone looking for a TL;DR:

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