Community learning process: Walking through cadCAD's tutorial all together

Hello, this is Gus,

TL;DR just go to doodle poll and let’s decide when to regularly e-meet to help the community to learn cadCAD.

after yesterday’s CS & cadCAD presentation by @GriffGreen and realizing how easy it is to follow the Tutorial from no coding people (although a basic coding background is appreciated ofc) and seeing the community interest (CS telegram group), I would like to propose setting-up synchronous and asynchronous communication channels where people can gather together to help each other in their learning process around using the tool, specifically/initially around the available tutorials and making use of Google Colab.

The idea would be to set up (at least) one VideoCall each couple of weeks (maybe one weekly?), where people with doubts and expertise (even if minimal) get together and help each other in a collaborative learning scenario.

Cool! But how do we start this?

Let’s first coordinate about when people would be available with a classic doodle poll (see link at the beginning of this poll), please! consider that the dates are only indicative, what we really want to know from you is what day an hour fits you well to do this on regular weekly or bi-weekly basics.

Let’s let the poll open for at leat one week, so we can wait for people to signal they willing to participate in this initiative, as well as go individually through the tutorials if they haven’t done it yet.

Besides directly approach community learning, this could also serve to design and curate FAQs for future learning and communications initiative.

For asynchronous communications and learning, I thing we can use this thread and/or the cadCAD’s telegram channel.


Hi Gus, the doodle is maybe to open ended.

It’ll be cool for me if we propose same day each month, so people that missed may join. Like, for example second Wednesday, 19:00?

hey! just a couple of people answered back!!!

let’s give it another week. Remember, the exact dates are not important… only the week-days an hours, as this is supposedly to be a recurrent meeting (once each couple of weeks/ once a month…)