cadCAD Modeling Process Template

Here we discuss how to define and template the process.


would be great if @Stephen would share a link to the canvas workflow he created for this. I think there is more to build on. As discussed in our working group meeting

  • ideation/ecosystem mapping & stakeholder taxonomies
  • formalizing with causal loop diagrams or stock and flow diagrams
  • differential (cadCAD) specification and first working code in python using cadCAD package; documenting assumptions and parameters
  • iteratively refining models with both qualitative and quantitive backtesting; assert boundaries of model “usefulness”
  • using the model to evaluate the current system designs or proposed changes, test parameter sensitivity, explore success criteria or failure modes, evaluate behaviors or polices or make recommendations to governing bodies.

this ties back to the diagrams i shared here: Putting cadCAD in Context


We’re using the derived version from Platform Toolkit, which puts Purpose in the center instead of the Platform owner:
Canvas: Kopie von 01_ecosystem-members.png - Google Drive
Matrix: Kopie von 03_motivation-matrix.png - Google Drive
From the process template: cadCAD modelling process - Google Docs
" Here are a few templates that can help you [link to empty canvas & matrix]. You can think of this part of the process as taking a walk on a nice little patio with three stepping stones:

  1. Map all the stakeholders and influencers of your system that you can think of on the canvas
  2. Map value exchange between the ecosystem members, both economic and non-economic. The matrix primes your mind to think in terms of Value Creation and Value Sharing.
  3. Back on the canvas draw the most fundamental value flows between the stakeholders to reach the system goal and/or fulfill its purpose."

@mzargham here you go :

For this I think some of the design thinking techniques might also apply (double diamond structure, empathy maps etc) and also the tools in this article : Tools for Systems Thinkers: Systems Mapping | by Leyla Acaroglu | Disruptive Design | Medium

I also find Inter relationship diagraphs useful for sense making in complex situations :


Thanks @Stephen. The Miro link takes me to a sign-up page, not a shared file. Could you check, please?

Hey Markus, unfortunately Miro makes you sign up before you can view the file. It’s free to use up to 3 diagrams. If anybody knows of a free/open source alternative for collaborative diagramming please let me know!

Yeah, I signed up but the link still takes me to a signup page. Looks like a bug in Discourse’s URL processor? In any case, I managed to extract the link from the “raw” post and I’m reposting it here for others that might face the same issue. This looks great, by the way! Thanks for sharing!

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Ah good to know, I’ll bear that in mind for next time.

Thanks, it’s still super rough, hoping we can all collaborate to improve on it and flesh it out.