A sample notebook for putting a time-series inside cadCAD

Hi everyone!

I just want to share with all of you an Colab notebook showing how to put an interpolated time-series inside a cadCAD policy / SUF. I’ve noticed that this is a somewhat common use-case, and this helps a lot for testing imaginated and hypothetical scenarios.

The colab is on https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1gD-ktkH7qm3o5lcYaf3Psv7rJLZ6TDcN?usp=sharing

The trick is essentialy to prepare your time-series before the simulation, and doing an list that the cadCAD function just puts the current timestep.

I hope you guys find it useful :slight_smile:


This is a powerful technique for controlling your experiments and making them more interpretable and also more repeatable for others. It’s not always the best technique but it often is: combined with tracking your seeds for random number generation you can avoid that pesky unintended stochasticity.

Please take a moment for dark humor about all the bad simulation science going on in light of covid-19. Then transfer the energy you were going to spend thinking about those models to learn how to do your own modeling and simulation so you don’t need to rely on those people to tell you what to think about the world around you.