A Beginner's cadCAD notebook

Hi everyone. I’m Danilo, a learner of cadCAD and enthusiast of complexity and ABM. I have been slowing making my way through the available cadCAD tutorials, and taking all kinds of notes in the process, including basic python related concepts that I need to review.

I though that the documentation of this process could be helpful to other learners, so I’m hosting what I’m calling “A Beginners cadCAD notebook” in my github page. There are two versions: .py and a ipynb. The latter is the best one, as it shows all of my comments and codes as a jupyther notebook. Unfortunately, Github is not loading it for some reason. Still, you may be able to open it up in your machine.

I hope this is useful and I plan on keeping updating it. Cheers!


And here’s a meta cadCAD system diagram that I drafted and @markusbkoch polished! We tried to visually represent the cadCAD modeling environment and its inner-working.


@danlessa and I have sat down last week to play with cadCAD and our conversation turned out to be a great hands-on intro in Portuguese.